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Course Descriptions - Informatics

Degree Courses

  • 1320 Information Design Students will gain an understanding of user, task and environmental considerations for system design. Requirements documentation will be addressed and international design standards will be reviewed. (Offered irregularly)

  • 1325 Information Design and Evaluation Exposure to advanced design concepts from the perspective of human-computer interaction; includes system prototyping and evaluative strategies for effective usability testing, evaluating and reporting. Prerequisite: INF 1320. (Offered irregularly)

  • 2315 Information, Ethics and Society A review of ethical considerations and society's attitude toward information production, ownership, distribution and use by individuals and organizations will be presented. Ethical scenarios in context of ISO standards and U.S. information-related laws will also be discussed. (Offered irregularly)

  • 3360 User Interface Design A "do and don't" analysis of web page design and interactive web-based features taught from the perspective of a usability specialist. Assessment and usability techniques will be applied via a capstone web page assessment project involving real-time usability testing; usability software is introduced. (Offered irregularly)

  • 3350 Database Systems for Informatics This course acquaints students with the proper procedures to create databases suitable for coursework, professional purposes and personal use. It is a hands-on exercise-oriented course that allows students to learn by doing, exposing them to practical examples of the computer as a useful tool. Prerequisites CSIS 2305, CSIS 2376, INF 1325 (Offered fall; odd years)

  • 4310 Evaluation of Information Systems Introduction to the concepts and skills needed to perform heuristic evaluations of information while accounting for system and administrative constraints, potential users and stakeholders. Prerequisites INF 3350. (Offered spring, even years)

  • 4365 Project Management for Informatics Project-related issues, from selection to termination, will be discussed in detail. Topics will include project negotiation, budgeting, scheduling, maintenance, and auditing. A section on handling internal and external conflict is also included. Prerequisites INF 3307, INF 3340. (Offered spring, odd years)

  • 4380 Internship/Project in Informatics Supervised work experience in the field of Informatics. Students planning to take this course need to consult with their advisor so they can be appropriately placed in an internship or assigned a project in the department. Prerequisite: Senior status in INF and permission of instructor. (Offered fall, even years)

  • 4390 Seminar in Informatics Seminars provide an overview of current trends in Informatics and may be delivered via a project approach, forum-style discussions and/or presentations on contemporary issues. Guest lecturers and practitioners may be invited. Prerequisite: Senior status in INF and permission of instructor. (Offered spring, odd years)


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