Faulkner University

Associate of Science in Informatics (ASINF)

The AS degree program in INF provides a good foundation for informatics-related careers and provides students with an overview of the discipline. AS degree students will gain an appreciation for information design and assessment; the social constraints on information; ethics and policies surrounding the use of information in today's society. All courses are taught in the evenings, weekends or via the web and are available on a part-time basis.

Recipients of the AS degree will be eligible for a variety of employment opportunities in information related fields or may transfer in junior standing into the BS degree program of Informatics. Students who use the AS credits to transfer into the BS program will have to complete additional core requirements listed in the baccalaureate program.

Core Curriculum 46/50
Christian Literacy (8/12)
Lower Level Courses
Life of Christ (BI 1211/1311) 2/3
Book of Acts (BI 1214/1314) 2/3
Pentateuch (BI 2202/2302) 2/3
Bible Elective - lower level 2/3
Cultural Heritage Literacy (6)
Western Cultural Heritage (HU 1310) 3
American Cultural Heritage (HY 2320) 3
Mathematical and Scientific Literacy* (11)
Mathematics (MH 1340) 3
Natural Science 4
Physical Science 4
Information and Communication Literacy (15)
Composition and Literature
English Composition I & II (EH 1301 & 1302) 6
Literature (1 from EH 2301, 2303, 2304) 3
Communication: Speech Communication (EH 1303) 3
Technology: Introduction to Computer & Information Science (CSIS 1301) 3
Personal and Social Literacy (6)
Lifetime Fitness (PE 1300) 3
Social or Behavioral Science 3
Introduction to Psychology (PY 1310)
Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJ 1300)
Introduction to Counseling (COU 2320)
Introduction to Sociology (SY 2328)
Introduction to American Constitutional Government (PS 2308)
Macroeconomics (BA 2303)
Professional and Major Field 21
Departmental Requirements (9)
Computer Programming I (CSIS 1305)
Computer Programming II (CSIS 2306)
Introduction to Visual Programming (CSIS 2376)
Informatics Major Requirements (9)
Information Design (INF 1320)
Information Design and Evaluation (INF 1325)
Information, Ethics and Society (INF 2315)
Electives 3
Total Minimum Hours Required AS in INF Degree Requirements 67/71

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