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Career Opportunities in Computer Science

Software Engineering - Developing methods for the production of large and complex software systems on time, within budget, and with few or no defects.

Computer Architecture - Designing new computer instruction sets, and combining electronic or optical components to provide powerful but cost-effective computing.

Operating Systems and Networks - Developing the basic software computers use to supervise themselves or to communicate with other computers.

Information Technology - Developing and managing information systems that support business organizations.

Internet Programming - Developing Web databases and applications.

Computer Theory - Investigating the fundamental theories of how computers solve problems, and applying the results to other areas of computer science.

Software Applications - Applying computing and technology to solve problems outside the computer field - in education or medicine for example.

Artificial Intelligence - Developing computer systems that simulate human learning and reasoning ability.

Database Design - Designing database systems to meet information needs for organizations of all sizes.


Faulkner University's Career Services is an excellent resource to assist students in choosing a career and finding a job. Find more information on the Career Services pages.

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