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Program Schedule

All Students
FED 6300 Seminar in Professional Education
FED 6350 Technology of Learning
Additional Requirement:
Take the APTTP  
FED 6300 Seminar in Professional Education (if new to the program)
EED 6326 Reading Skills and Comprehension
EED 6336 Elementary Pedagogy for Social Studies
EED 6096 Clinical Experience/Practicum
Secondary Fields
SED 6317 Reading in the Secondary Curriculum
SED 6096 Clinical Experience/Practicum
AND appropriate content course
BIO 6362 Ecological Theories
EH 6350 Issues and Topics in the English Language
HY 6315 Philosophy & Theory of History
MH 6330 History of Math
PE 6333 Methods for Teaching Elementary PE
Additional Requirements
If you have not taken the Praxis II, do so at this time.
ALL students must apply to the Teacher Education Program.
All Students  
PY 6340 Advanced Educational Psychology & Exceptionalities
FED 6320 Curriculum Design & Assessment
AND appropriate practicum course
EED 6097 Clinical Experience/Practicum
SED 6097 Clinical Experience/Practicum


Second Year
EED 6332 Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary School
EED 6368 Teaching Science in the Elementary School
EED 6098 Clinical Experience/Practicum
Secondary Fields
BIO 6380 History & Philosophy of Biological Research
BIO 6351 Advanced Genetics
EH 6302 Rhetoric, Grammar and Comp
EH 6346 Adolescent Literature
HY 6369 Graduate Seminar in Social Science
HY 6375 Current Issues in World History
MH 6340 Abstract Algebra I
MH 6310 Mathematical Statistics
PE 6332 Advanced Motor Learning
PE 6329 Methods for Teaching PE to Secondary Students
AND appropriate practicum course
SED 6098 Clinical Experience/Practicum
Elementary and PE
FED 6349 Advanced Classroom Management
(Elementary and PE majors ONLY)
EED 6341 Teaching Math in the Elementary School
EED 6099 Clinical Experience/Practicum
PE 6330 Advanced Health Education
SED 6099 Clinical Experience/Practicum
Secondary Fields
BIO/EH/MH/HY 6329 Materials and Methods Class
BIO 6300 Human Nutrition
EH 6314 Shakespeare in Print, Perform., and Prac.
HY 6311 Research & Writing in History
MH 6345 Abstract Algebra II
AND appropriate content course
SED 6099 Clinical Experience/Practicum
All Students  
FED 6301 Philosophy, Ethics, & Character Building
FED 6349 Advanced Classroom Management (Secondary majors ONLY)


Third Year
EED 6699 Internship
EED 6390 Directed Study
Secondary Fields
SED 6699 Internship
AND appropriate content course
BIO 6390 Directed Study
EH 6390 Directed Study
HY 6390 Directed Study
MH 6390 Directed Study
PE 6390 Directed Study

BIO: Biology Majors Only
EED: Elementary Education Majors Only
EH: English Language Arts Majors Only
FED/PY: All Students
HY: History Majors Only
MH: Mathematics Majors Only
PE: Physical Education Majors Only
SED: Secondary Majors Only

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