Faulkner University

Group Study Room Reservation Procedures

JSL students and recent graduates may reserve a group study room for study and academic discussions, in accordance with the following procedures. A group of 2 or more students may reserve a group study room for a maximum of a single 2 hour block of time per day. No group may sign up for a group study room for more than 2 hours per day. (JSL faculty, departments, and official organizations may reserve and use group study rooms for law school activities for longer periods, but prior arrangements must be made with library staff.)

Group study room reservations may be made by contacting the library circulation desk either in person, or by telephone at (334) 386-7219. A student making a reservation must give his or her name, the name of at least one other group member, and the desired starting time for the reservation. Library staff will attempt to accommodate requests for specific group study rooms, but reserves the right to assign rooms.

Before beginning a study session, the students who reserved the group study room must check out the key to their room at the circulation desk. Reservations will be held for 10 minutes after the beginning of the reserved time. After that, the reservation will be cancelled and another group may reserve the room. Groups arriving late for their reservation will not receive any additional time past the original 2 hour reserved block.  If there are no scheduled reservations immediately afterward. a group may remain in a room for up to 1 hour beyond the 2 hour reservation period. When using a study room, doors should remain closed and conversation kept to reasonable levels. Groups that are excessively noisy and disturb other patrons may be asked to vacate study rooms.

The patron who checks out the key is responsible for ensuring that it is returned after the two hours are up. Study room doors lock automatically when leaving the room so any personal items should not be left in the rooms. Loss of a study room key will result in a replacement fine of $75.00 for the patron who is responsible for checking out the key. Upon leaving the room, group members should remove their personal belongings; return library materials used to their proper location; and dispose of any garbage in proper receptacles.  The room key should be returned to the circulation desk.

Failure to adhere to library policies and group study room procedures may result in suspension of group study room privileges. During exam periods, it may be necessary to use group study rooms for administration of exams.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, or if you wish to report any violations, please notify a member of the library staff. Thank you for your cooperation.