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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Program Objectives

  • Provide exposure to a common body of knowledge across the business disciplines.
  • Prepare the students for strategic decision making in business entities.
  • Develop effective oral and written communication skills appropriate to a business environment.
  • Provide an education that incorporates a distinctly Christian perspective on ethical issues and related concerns arising in specific business and or information systems course content areas.
  • Prepare students to secure employment within the business field.
  • Prepare students to pursue graduate studies in business or related professional fields.
  • Equip students with a calculus background sufficient to solve certain common types of problems in business context.
  • Prepare students to analyze and interpret financial data vital to administering a business enterprise.

In addition to the general Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, emphases are offered in Business Information Systems, Finance and Management. For students interested in specializing in these areas, these concentrations provide an in-depth academic exposure to the respective fields. They prepare students for specialized careers in management, finance and information systems. (These emphases are available only to those seeking the general Business Administration degree).

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (General) Sem. Hrs.
Core Curriculum Requirements 54/58
Christian Literacy 8/12
Life of Christ (BI 1211/13311) 2/3
Book of Acts (BI 1214/1314) 2/3
Pentateuch (BI 2202/2302) 2/3
Bible electives (2 or 3 hours) 2/3
Cultural Heritage Literacy 12
Western Cultural Heritage Series (HU 1310; 1320; 1330) 9
American Cultural Heritage 3
Mathematical and Scientific Literacy 10
Mathematics (1340 Business Calculus or higher) 3
Natural Science 3
Physical Science 3
Natural or Physical Science lab 1
Information and Communication Literacy 15
Composition and Literature
English Composition I and II (EH 1301 & 1302) 6
English/American Literature (EH 2301 or 2303 or 2304) 3
Speech Communication (EH 1303) 3
Computer Application (CA 1302) 3
Personal and Social Literacy 9
Physical Education (PE 1300 required) 3
PE Activity Course (two courses 1 semester hour each) 2
Freshmen Experience (FE 1111) 1
Social or Behavioral Science
Macroeconomics (BA 2303) 3
Professional and Major Field
Required Business Courses 51
ACF 3302 Managerial Accounting 3
ACF 4310 Managerial Finance 3
BA 2301 Principles of Accounting I 3
BA 2302 Principles of Accounting II 3
BA 2304 Microeconomics 3
BA 2305 Business Mathematics 3
BA 3310 Professional Writing and Communications 3
BA 3340 Business Statistics 3
BA 3380 Legal Environment of Business I 3
BA 3381 Legal Environment of Business II 3
BA 4380 Business Policy and Strategy 3
BIS 3300 Database Management 3
BIS 3320 Business Spreadsheets and Graphics 3
EC/ACF 2310 Personal & Consumer Finance 3
MN 3300 Principles of Management 3
MN 4360 Organizational Behavior 3
MKT 3310 Principles of Marketing 3
Christian Literacy 10-12
Upper Level Courses
Marriage and Family 3
Christian Cultural Heritage 3
Upper Level Textual Electives (2 courses at 2/3 hours each) 4/6
Electives (can be used to satisfy emphasis requirements, if applicable) 5
Total Minimum Hours. for Graduation 120-126


Forty-eight (48) upper level hours are required for graduation if upper level Bible courses are taken for 3 hours;
forty-four (44) upper level hours are required if upper level Bible courses are taken for 2 hours.
See section on Graduation Requirements for other requirements.

Macroeconomics is a requirement for graduation for all business majors.

Business Calculus (or Calculus I), Business Mathematics, Personal & Consumer Finance, Accounting I and Accounting II should be completed by the end of the sophomore year.

Course Requirements for BIS Emphasis *15
BIS 2376 BASIC Programming 3
BIS 3386 Advanced Programming: Visual BASIC 3
BIS 4320 Systems Analysis and Design 3
BIS 4340 Web Page Architecture 3
BIS 4390 Seminar in Information Systems 3
Total Hours Required for Graduation 130/136

*Up to 5 hours may be fulfilled as Business electives

Course Requirements for Management Emphasis *12
MN 3325 Personnel/HR Management 3
MN 4390 Readings in Management 3
MN 4395 Seminar in Management 3
MKT 4320 Marketing Management 3
Total Hours Required for Graduation 127/133

*Up to 5 hours may be fulfilled as Business electives

Course Requirements for Finance Emphasis *12
ACF 4300 Investments 3
ACF/EC 4320 Managerial Economics 3
ACF 4330 Financial Markets & Institutions 3

EC/ACF 2310 Personal & Consumer Finance
(satisfied as required Business course)

Total Hours Required for Graduation 127/133

*Up to 5 hours may be fulfilled as Business electives.

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