Faulkner University

Degrees in Music

The following music degrees are offered at Faulkner University:

Bachelor of Arts in Music - sharpen your musicianship and performance skills while developing a foundation in music history and theory

Bachelor of Arts in Music Theatre - study singing, acting and dance to prepare for a career in musical theatre

Minor in Music

Before being admitted as music majors, students must take the Theory Placement Exam and pass an audition on his or her primary instrument.

Candidates for degrees in music or music theatre must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Complete All Course Requirements.

  2. Recital Attendance
    A degree candidate must attend all recitals and university sponsored concerts each semester enrolled at Faulkner University. If it is not possible to attend a recital, other concerts or assignments may be acceptable pending prior approval from the student's private instructor.

  3. Performance Requirements
    A degree candidate is expected to perform in public recitals and/or before a jury each semester enrolled in private instruction. The student will perform in each medium being studied privately.

    A degree candidate is required to perform a recital consisting of at least 45 minutes of musical material during the senior year.

    • Candidates will prepare a program with notes and translations.

    • Repertoire for vocalists should include songs in English, French, Italian, and German.

    • Instrumentalists will be expected to prepare a repertoire that displays the achievement of significant skill on his or her chosen instrument.

    • The student will be responsible for hiring and scheduling an accompanist.

    • Approval to schedule and publicize the recital must be obtained from the department chair and student's private instructor. This approval will be given after an informal performance of significant portions of the repertoire before a jury of music faculty. This jury will determine if the candidate has achieved the requisite skills to perform a full-length recital.

    • Students completing a degree in Liberal Arts with music concentration are not required to perform a recital.

  4. Piano Proficiency Requirements
    A degree candidate must pass a Piano Proficiency Exam, which includes the following:
    • Play a Bach chorale at sight

    • Improvise an appropriate accompaniment to a simple melody at sight

    • Play the accompaniment to a simple vocal solo or instrumental piece

    • Play scales and cadential patterns in several keys

    Students are required to enroll in piano lessons each semester until the proficiency exam is passed.

  5. Exit Exam

    A degree candidate must pass the Major Field Test during the final semester of the senior year. Students will be contacted by email to schedule the exam. The Major Field Test for Music consists of 129 multiple-choice questions, a number of which are grouped in sets and based on recorded excerpts from music literature, excerpts from scores or other passages of music notation. The subject matter is organized into two major areas: music theory and music history. Some of the questions within each of the major areas are designed to test examinees' analytical skills (both aural and written).

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