Rudy Giuliani Speaks to Sold Out Crowd at Faulkner’s Annual Benefit Dinner

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani headlined Faulkner University’s Annual Benefit Dinner on Thursday, Oct. 6. Faulkner University’s annual benefit dinner is a longstanding tradition and a red-letter event on the social calendar every year for Montgomery and the River Region. Faulkner has brought renowned politicians, journalists, athletes, coaches, comedians and astronauts to speak in Montgomery over the years.

Proceeds from the dinner go to support the university and student scholarships in particular.

“We are incredibly thankful for everyone who came and supported this event. We hope everyone had a memorable evening. The contributions made by the people that attended the dinner are changing the lives of Faulkner University students,” University President Mike Williams said. “We love being able to share these great speakers with the River Region, but more than that, we are so excited about the scholarship opportunities this dinner provides for our students.”

Inspired by Giuliani’s unwavering support of first responders, Faulkner honored the men and women who serve our communities at this year’s dinner. Over 100 first responders from across the state were invited to the dinner and took part in a special program.

During his speech, Williams spoke about the heroism of our first responders. “There are over 2.5 million fearless men & women who serve as first responders in America. These heroes & heroines rescue us from danger, eradicate our fear, and restore our courage,” Williams said. “When we are running away from peril, these brave patriots are running towards it.”

Giuliani continued the theme, speaking about his own relationship with New York City first responders.

“They’re the ones who made me famous,” Giuliani said. “I wasn’t the guy walking into a bar when a shootout was going on. They were. They were getting hurt because I was asking them to take extra risks. That’s the way you have to think as a leader.”

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