Effective March 28, 2017

Click here to access the Faulkner Online bookstore.  It’s so easy!  For now, all course materials will appear to all students.  We are working on syncing the bookstore with student schedules.  Look for that change soon.

Summer 2017 textbooks are available now!  Beginning March 28, 2017, students will be able to view and purchase or rent Summer 2017 course materials and textbooks from the Faulkner Online Bookstore.

Previously purchased from the Blackboard Store?  You will use the same username and password you created in the Blackboard Store to purchase textbooks from the Faulkner Online Bookstore.

New Student?  Enter the Faulkner Online Bookstore and select “Let’s Get Started!”

Fall 2017 textbooks will be available during the summer.  Check back here for more information.

COMING SOON — A link to the Faulkner Online Bookstore on your Blackboard course page.

Questions about using financial aid to order textbooks can be directed to the Student Accounts Office.

Questions about the course or textbook requirements for a course should be directed to the instructor of the course.