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Students, you now have options as to where you can purchase your textbooks and the type of books to purchase. To get started identifying your textbooks, visit the University Bookstore's website to locate the textbook and ISBN number.

You may choose to purchase your textbooks through the University Bookstore's website or its physical location in the J. L. Perry Cafeteria building. While the bookstore offers a variety of textbook options, including e-texts via CafeScribe and Inkling, some e-texts may not be available through Follett. In this case, be sure to check one of the many e-text platforms listed below.

  • CourseSmart who has partnered with Pearson, Cengage Learning, McGraw-Hill Education, Macmillian Higher Education, and John Wiley & Son.
  • Cengage Brain
  • Apple's iBook which can be accessed through the Apps store on your iPad.
  • Textbookpricecomparison.com a site that will search dozens of textbook merchants in order to help you find your textbook at the best prices. The best option for all students is to visit multiple sites and shop for the best option.
  • Google Books
  • Amazon.com
  • Half.com

Please note, if you elect to use an e-text, your access to that text may be limited to a period of 180 days on average. However, there are some companies like CourseSmart that offer some e-texts for a 360-day rental period. In the case that a student is required to use a particular textbook for a series of courses, some companies may extend the rental period. One of those companies is Cengage. Cengage has confirmed that the rental period for any CengageBrain e-texts can be extended up to four years.

Why choose an e-text?

  • Guaranteed to save money: In fact, in most cases, the price of an e-text is 50 percent less than what you would pay for a paper copy.
  • Enhanced study features: Most e-texts have some great features that make studying and retaining the material much easier. These features include the ability to highlight or underline the text, take notes, and to quickly search through the content to find important information.
  • Interactive elements: A lot of e-texts have a variety of interactive elements embedded into the text that engages the readers and enhances the learning process. These elements include things like animations, videos, and quizzes just to name a few.

If you need assistance in extending your rental period, please let us know!


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