Faulkner University

Board of Advocates Hosts Closing Argument Competition
January 25, 2012

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To kick off the 2012 spring semester, the Board of Advocates hosted its inaugural Closing Argument Competition.  The competition took place over three days and included twenty-eight student participants and was open to first and second-year students who had no prior advocacy training. 

Prior to the competition, students received a mock trial packet containing depositions, exhibits, and court documents that they used to formulate their closing arguments.  Each competitor presented a closing argument for either the plaintiff or defendant in a minimum of three rounds. By all accounts, competitors improved throughout each subsequent round. The finals were held on January 9, 2012. 

Championship honors went to David Haggard and Sherri Mazur.  Joshua Cochran, David Coleman, Morgan Sanders and Timothy Wyatt were finalists.  The finals were judged by Randall Houston, District Attorney for the 19th Circuit, Patrick Mahaney (JSL ‘89) , Ben Schoettker (JSL ‘02), Matthew Griffith (JSL ’08), Ashley Penhale (JSL ’10), Kristy Peoples (JSL ’10), Beau Womack (JSL ’10) and Joshua Wilson (JSL ’11).