Faulkner University


To access Electronic Databases Passwords:

  1. You may simply visit the Jones School of Law Library TWEN site and download the password list via the link in the left column of our TWEN site.
  2. In the alternative, you may open your Faulkner University Outlook email.
  3. Below your Inbox is an icon marked "Public Folders" with a plus sign (+) to the left of the folder
  4. Click on the plus sign (+) to open the folder
  5. This will open another set of folders, including a folder marked "All Public Folders"
  6. Click on the plus sign (+) next to the "All Public Folders" icon
  7. Scroll down the alphabetical list of folders to the icon marked "JSL Electronic Database Passwords"
  8. Click on the icon and in the window to the right of the icon a Word Document will open called "JSL Electronic Databases Password Page.doc"
  9. Double click on the Word document
  10. A list of alphabetical Jones Law Library Electronic Databases which require the use of a username and password will open
  11. Please note that only those persons affiliated with Faulkner University are authorized to access Jones Law Library's Electronic Databases while off-campus.