Faulkner University

Mission Statement

As part of the Faulkner University community, the School of Law shares Faulkner University's mission to glorify God by embracing academic excellence and emphasizing a strong commitment to integrity within a caring Christian environment.

In its efforts to fulfill this mission, the School of Law endeavors to:

  • Provide an excellent legal education in which the faculty engages students in a challenging learning experience designed to promote the students' competent and ethical participation in the legal profession;
  • Promote a Christian environment that encourages all members of the law school community to use their abilities to advance the legal profession and benefit society;
  • Attract, develop, and retain a highly competent and diverse faculty devoted to teaching, community service, and scholarly research and writing;
  • Attract a qualified and diverse student body;
  • Provide students with meaningful resources and experiences such as individual academic advising and support, career counseling, clinical, externship and advocacy opportunities, designed to prepare them for their roles as competent and ethical members of the legal profession;
  • Contribute to discussion of the relationship of faith, learning, and the law; and,
  • Regularly reassess the program of legal education through on-going strategic planning to assure continual quality and improvement of the program.