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GradesFirst is a student support system intended to promote student success and retention through the most effective advising practices, early identification of at-risk students, and enhanced communication methods for students, faculty, academic advisers, and athletic coaches.

GradesFirst is a wonderful tool for both students and faculty/staff. Students are able to keep track of their absences, check their progress in class, and schedule advising appointments. The Student Success Office uses GradesFirst as a means of staying in touch with our students. We send appointment reminders and advising requests. We are able to track students who are at risk of failing classes and set up one-on-one meetings with those students.

Michelle Otwell
Director, Student Success

I am excited about the new academic services Gradesfirst offers. With Gradesfirst, requesting a tutor is a breeze. Students who are struggling in a class just log into their Gradesfirst account and click the "request a tutor" button next to that class. An e-mail request is sent directly to Student Support Services, and we begin working immediately to schedule the student's tutoring appointment. In addition, Gradesfirst automatically sends the student and tutor several e-mail and text reminders, making it easy for both of them to keep up with appointments. As a result, more students are keeping appointments, and we, in turn, are helping more students.

Pat Phillips
Director, Student Support Services

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