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iPad Application Opens the Door to Volumes of Faulkner's Electronic Resources
March 1, 2012

Mr. Kaye explains how the iPad can open the door to electronic resources at Faulkner University.
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Do you want to be amazed and ASTOUNDED at the sheer volume of Faulkner’s electronic resources?

On your iPad go to the iTunes app store and download AccessMyLibraryCollege, developed by Gale and Cengage.

Open it, choose Alabama, Montgomery, Faulkner University.

Click on the bar that says ENTER A PASSWORD.  You should then see a combination lock and an input blank.

Type “eagle,” in all lower-case letters in the blank and submit.  The lock will spin for a while.

You will come to a map with a column on the left that says Update My Resources.

Click on that, and wait until it quits spinning.  Then you should see boxes for Gale Databases and Gale eBooks.

Click on one of those.  You might want to sit down first!

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