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The Learning Infrastructure

The University's first priority is to make sure all classroom areas and the library have very good coverage that can support a high volume of users. The University will also work to ensure all dorms and apartments on campus maintain a good Wi-Fi connection and will assess connectivity at common areas or gathering places that might need attention.

As part of the Eagle iAdvantage initiative, Faulkner University is increasing the total number of Wi-Fi access points deployed across campus from approximately 68 to approximately 113 access points by adding 45 additional access points before fall 2012. This represents a 66% increase in access points campus wide.

Faulkner University is upgrading the supporting hardware for the access points such as the controllers that manage the access points and the PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches that provide power & network connectivity to the access points.

Faulkner University is constantly increasing its network bandwidth in order to provide the most efficient use of technology on campus. Two years ago, the entire campus had a 20 Mbit data connection. Last year, Faulkner upgraded to a 60 Mbit data connection. In preparation for the Eagle iAdvantage initiative, the University has upgraded to a 200 Mbit data connection which is shared between upstream & downstream traffic. The University is committed to continual assessment of needs within the learning infrastructure and will provide additional upgrades as needed.

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