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Determination of Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, requires institutions of higher education to establish and apply standards of academic progress that must be met by all students in order to qualify and remain eligible for assistance from the Title IV student financial aid programs. Faulkner University has elected to apply the following standards to all students who receive aid from any of the following programs:

  • Federal Pell Grant,
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG),
  • Alabama State Grant, Federal Work-Study (FWS),
  • Federal Perkins Loan, Stafford Loan,
  • Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), and Grad Plus Loans

The standards against which applicants and recipients of financial assistance are measured include both qualitative and quantitative measures.


You must maintain a cumulative minimum grade point average of 1.50 as a freshman, 1.75 as a sophomore, 2.0 as a junior and senior, and 2.0 as a law student and 3.0 as an MSM, MAB, MED, MSC, MLETT, MJA, and PhD in Humanities student.


  • You must also satisfactorily complete a cumulative minimum of 55% of all credit hours for which you are registered as a freshman, 60% as a sophomore, 67% as a junior and senior, and 80% as a graduate student.
  • The academic record of each aid recipient is reviewed at the end of each semester. The review includes all semesters of attendance at Faulkner, whether or not financial aid was received. If you fail to meet either of the above requirements, you will be placed on financial aid warning until the next review.
  • You will remain eligible for assistance while on warning.
  • If you are already on warning and have not removed the deficiencies and met both the qualitative and quantitative cumulative minimums at the end of the next semester of attendance, you will be placed on financial aid suspension. You will not be eligible for further assistance until such time as the cumulative minimums have been met.
  • Courses in which the following grades are received constitute credit hours satisfactorily completed: A through D; S for pass/fail courses.
  • Courses in which the following grades are received do not constitute credit hours satisfactorily completed: F- failure; FA- failure attendance; I-incomplete; U-failure of pass/fail course.
  • Courses audited may not be used to qualify for financial aid and are not counted in determining the number of hours for which you have registered.
  • Courses failed and then repeated will be counted in your completion rate with Financial Aid. Your scholastic average will include both grades, and both times the course is taken will count as hours for which you have registered.
  • Courses completed at other institutions, are used in determining eligibility under the quantitative measure. Transfer hours accepted for credit toward a degree from Faulkner will be counted for purposes of the maximum time frame. Such hours will be counted by subtracting them from the hours normally required for graduation in your program of study.

Maximum Time Frame

The Higher Education Act requires that institutions establish a maximum time frame in which students receiving Title IV funds are expected to complete the program of study and beyond which they no longer qualify for assistance. At Faulkner, eligibility to receive Title IV assistance ends when you have registered for 150% of the number of hours required for graduation in your program of study, including any transferred hours accepted for credit toward the degree. For an undergraduate student, this equates to approximately six academic years of course work, depending on the specific major. Maximum time frames for graduate studies are master’s: 54 semester hours and doctoral: 135 hours.


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