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Associate Degree Programs

The Montgomery Campus offers an Associate Degree in the following areas:

Associate of Arts/Science
The Associate of Arts/Science degree is typically understood as one that concentrates on a significant amount of writing, reading, critical thinking and research. Often, the associate of arts/science degree is contrasted with math, science, or business. In reality, many associate of arts/science graduates are employed in every imaginable field and walk of life. According to Fortune Magazine, nearly one-third of all CEO's received a liberal arts degree.

Computer & Information Science
This program is intended for the student who does not want a stronger theoretical emphasis. It focuses on the problem solving skills and techniques needed to provide computer-based solutions to practical problems, integrating fundamental practical knowledge in the fields of software engineering, database systems, programming languages, and computer networks.

Criminal Justice
Whether you are presently employed in the criminal justice system, or see it as your future career, the associate's degree can give you a broad understanding of the many facets of criminal justice. The education gained in law, evidence, investigation, corrections, organization and administration will serve you well in the courts, the streets, and under pressure as you pursue this increasingly exciting and sought-after career.

The Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Department offers the Associate of Science degree in Criminalistics to meet the growing need for investigative specialists who are trained in the legal aspects of evidence identification, collection, preservation, and testimony in a court of law. Major course requirements include courses in chemistry, biology, crime scene investigation, general investigative procedures, and fingerprinting. Emphasis is placed on providing students with practical experience in laboratory procedures and field experiences. Students may also participate in job-related Internships as electives.

A degree in Informatics provides students with expertise needed to evaluate information, organize it efficiently, index it for retrieval, and preserve it for history. Students gain an understanding of information behavior and policy, learn effective procedures for implementation and assessment of information systems, and develop strategies for enhancing user satisfaction in the information-seeking process. A degree in Informatics enables students to seek positions where data, systems and people come together.

Legal Studies
From understanding the fine print, to administering a big case, our Legal Studies program provides the background that can put you out front in the legal profession. Courses such as legal research, criminal evidence, family and property law, and probating wills are combined with directed studies and professional internship. Gain the skills and education that will make you a courted professional in the field of law.

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