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Courses in Information Systems and Technology (IST)

2376 BASIC Programming (BIS 2376)

A detailed study of the BASIC language and the fundamental concepts of programming inclusive of system procedures, creating loops and controlling locations, nested loops, strings, arrays, subroutines, sequential files, random access files and debugging. Focus on Microsoft Visual BASIC. Prerequisite: CA 1302.

3300 Database Management (BIS 3300)

"Hands-on" database concepts using micro-computers. Learn to enter, store, retrieve and revise information like purchase orders, financial statements, salespersons' records, etc. Development of cross-reference skills by department or job as the situation requires. Introduction to data relationships. Focus on Windows XP and onward operating systems: specific focus on Microsoft Access. Curriculum designed for Certified Microsoft Office User-Specialist (MOUS). Prerequisites: BA 2305, CA 1302.

3310 Principles of Information Systems & Technology

An in-depth review of Information Systems from a technological perspective. Reflection upon the integration of Information Systems and Technology. An overview of Information Systems as it impacts the "human side of enterprise."

3315 Network Management

Configuration of small to medium sized networks, including PCs and servers. Focus on operational aspects of existing networks for smooth functioning. Overview of wireless networks and network security.

3320 Business Spreadsheets (BIS 3320)

Learn to access, analyze and modify voluminous financial, accounting and marketing data instantaneously and the use of the multiple variables like income statements, balance sheets, sales reports and projects. Graphic presentation of existing and projected data in multi-dimensional formats. Overview of financial and statistical functions. Specific emphasis on Microsoft Excel for Windows 2007 and onward. Curriculum designed for Certified Microsoft Office User-Specialist (MOUS). Prerequisites: BA 2301, BA 2105, CA 1302, MH 1338 or higher.

3325 Technological Configuration & Troubleshooting

A practical "hands-on" approach to the design and operation of PCs in the workplace today. Emphasis on diagnostics, installation of various components, and troubleshooting of systems to keep them functional and operational.

3386 Advanced Programming: Visual BASIC (BIS 3386)

Survey of the Visual BASIC programming language inclusive of variables and operators, decision structures, loops and timers, object properties, preferred user interface, special effects and use of modules and procedures. Prerequisites: CA 1302, BIS 2376, MH 1338.

4320 Systems Analysis and Design (BIS 4320)

The study of the elements of systems analysis with emphasis on structure design, information system life cycle phases, feasibility analysis, file design, and project management tools. Prerequisites: CA 1302, BIS 3300, BIS 3320.

4340 Web Page Architecture (BIS 4340)

Planning and creating web sites, navigation techniques, hyperlinks, multimedia and themes, bookmarks and forms, and search engines. Use of Dreamweaver software. Prerequisites: CA 1302, BIS 3386, MH 1338 or higher.

4390 Seminar in Information Systems & Technology

An overview of current and emergent issues in the areas of Information Systems and Technology.

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