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Textbooks are available at Follett Bookstore on the main campus in Montgomery. Follett Bookstore determines charges for books, "buy-back" policies, return policies, and refunds. While recommendations are made, pricing is not regulated by Faulkner University. Used books are available on a first come, first serve basis at a substantial savings. We suggest you plan to keep all texts used in the BBA Program as they may be needed in preparation for the comprehensive examination. They will serve as valuable resource material in other courses, on the job, etc. Text edition changes and new book adoptions may occur at various times during the academic year. Students should be prepared for such changes. Students will receive a handout during registration from the bookstore that outlines the process for purchasing their books. Textbooks needed for the next module should be purchased at the bookstore when the student is attending Directed Study seminars. Please feel free to see the following website for more information regarding your books:http://www.bkstr.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDisplay?catalogId=10001&langId=-1&demoKey=d&storeId=10209.

University Policy for Student Computing Resources

All Faulkner computer users are subject to the University's Computer Policy (see University Student Handbook Appendix N). A Faulkner computer user account and access to the University's information technology resources is a privilege granted by Faulkner. All Faulkner students must abide by the University's Computer Policy to retain their computer privileges. Any student violating the Computer Policy will be subject to the Student Life disciplinary proceedings and, if applicable civil and/ or criminal legal proceedings.

Computer User Account

Upon enrollment, all Faulkner students are required to obtain a Faulkner University computer user account to utilize the University computer resources, the Faulkner network, or a Faulkner email account. The computer user account provides students access to computer resources, the Faulkner network, Faulkner email account, server storage space, and other technology services provided by the University on each campus and via the internet. An enrolled student can establish a computer user account by completing the online form at http://www/faulkner.edu/account. A valid (active) Faulkner student identification number, corresponding date of birth, and a preferred password of at least six characters is required to complete the online form. The online form requires students to read and accept the University's Computer Policy (see University Student Handbook Appendix N).

Network Printers

Faulkner students have access to network printers in computer laboratories, libraries, and learning resource centers. Faulkner allows students to print 250 pages per semester. Students who exceed this will be billed ten cents ($.10) per page on their business accounts.


Project Key, a service for students with disabilities at Faulkner University main campus, serves as the central contact point for all students with disabilities, including: Harris College of Business, V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies, Alabama Christian College of Arts and Sciences, Jones School of Law and all extended campuses. Students are responsible for informing the University of their need for accommodations and services.

Contact the Director of Project Key at 334-386-7185, or 1-800-879-9816, extension 7185. Email pmorrow@faulkner.edu.

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