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Letters of Recommendation Policy

Please be informed that it is the BBA Departmental policy to give the Professor, Director, or Dean advance notice when requesting a formal written recommendation. It is preferred and strongly recommended that the Professor, Director, or Dean have three weeks, 15 working days, to write and frame their recommendation in order to have time to reflect upon the abilities and potential of the student. The minimum prior notice that will be considered on an "emergency basis" is two weeks, or ten working days, subject to the availability of faculty or administrators. It is important to note that during the summer semester the availability of faculty and administrators is greatly limited for various reasons. Due to the nine-month length in teaching contracts for faculty, summer vacations and leaves of absences for faculty and administrators, it is crucial for the student to appropriately plan in advance any requests for letters of recommendation. While it is desirable to have a three-week advance notice, a longer period of time may be necessary during the summer term.

Recommendations are in the best judgment and discretion of the Professor, Director, or Dean. Recommendations are at the sole discretion of the individual mentioned above; and no Professor, Director, or Dean is obligated to provide a recommendation that they are not comfortable with writing.

Professors, Directors, and Deans may, at their individual discretion, require the scheduling of an appointment with the student. These appointments are based upon the availability of the Professor, Director, or Dean; and the student retains the responsibility of complying with this schedule. If an appointment is requested by a Professor, Director, or Dean, please be informed that this appointment does not create any obligation, either expressed or implied, that the professor will write a recommendation. This is merely a potential step in the academic process of those contemplating as to whether they will or will not eventually write a letter of recommendation.

When a Professor, Director, or Dean agrees to write a letter of recommendation, they may look at issues including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Academic Performance
  • GPA
  • Attitude and Disposition
  • Demeanor
  • Interaction with Faculty, Administrators, and Staff
  • Adherence to Academic Protocol
  • Absenteeism and Make-Ups
  • Overall Professionalism
  • Lapse in Time or Program Attendance

For those seeking to further their education beyond the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), the Faculty, Director, or Dean will be looking closely at the student's GMAT scores. While a score of 500 or above is strongly preferred, a minimum of 450 would be necessary for a Professor, Director, or Dean to consider writing a letter of recommendation.

The Dean, in conjunction with the BBA Director, reserves the right to alter, change, or modify this internal policy at any point for any reason.

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