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Grading Policy

The following symbols (grades) are used to record the achievement and quality of the work of students in each course:

Grade Significance Quality Points/Per Hour
A Excellent or outstanding 4
B Good or superior 3
C Satisfactory or average 2
D Low Passing 1
F Failure 0
WF Withdrawn Failing 0

The following symbols (grades) are not used in determining grade point averages:

Grade Significance
I Incomplete
WP Withdrawn Passing
NC No Credit

ALL attempted coursework and grades will be reflected on students' transcripts.


The grade of "I" indicates that some requirement of the course is not yet complete. It is only given for reasons that in the judgment of the instructor have been unavoidable and only given with the approval of the Dean of the College of Business. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate steps with the instructor to have an "I" changed. An "I" which has not been changed to a permanent grade by the end of two modules following the module in which the "I" was assigned automatically becomes an "F". Incompletes in Directed Study must be removed within one year.

The department strongly discourages the assignment of an incomplete grade.

The University encourages instructors to give a brief exam at the beginning of each class meeting and a final exam at the last class meeting. Other examinations, homework, or outside assignments are left to the discretion of the individual instructors. The instructor may decide on their type, length, complexity, and percentage of final grade. Grading procedures are to be clearly defined in the syllabi and must be followed unless consent of the BBA Academic Program Director and the Dean of the College of Business are obtained prior to said change.

Make-up Final Examinations - Make-up final examinations are discouraged due to (1) logistics of instructor availability, monitoring, access to labs, etc., (2) the tendency to compromise academic integrity, and (3) the tendency of recurrence and implications of fairness or lack thereof. And reschedule of final examinations must be approved by the BBA Academic Director and administered during normal business hours between 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM or 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM.


As a general procedure, grade reports are made available on the Faulkner website from the Registrar's Office directly to the students. Grade reports are posted as soon as all instructors have submitted final grades and should be available for viewing within three weeks after the module ends. We realize that many of our adult students are participating in company reimbursement of tuition; therefore, we will inform students of their grades as soon as possible (Normally within 3 weeks). University policy prohibits "faxing" grades or releasing them over the telephone. Please do not call the Registrar's Office for grades as these inquiries cause a significant reduction in expeditious processing of grades for all students.

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