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The Dean of the College of Business is the Chief Academic Officer of the Business College. Faulkner University is striving to make your year in the BBA program productive, pleasant, and free from problems or frustrations. Occasionally, however, situations arise in which the student feels the need to have an individual consultation with the Program Chair/Director or the Dean of the College of Business. In these situations, we request that you call and schedule an appointment. An appointment ensures that you will receive personal and uninterrupted attention. Please be assured these individuals are anxious to serve you and will meet with you at the earliest possible time. At his discretion, the Dean of the College of Business may refer, defer, or elect to consult, as the case may be, with the Academic Vice President who is the final academic authority at Faulkner University. However, please do not call the Administration at home as such calls constitute inappropriate behavior.

Please be informed that the Dean of the College of Business is involved in administering or teaching the day of the Directed Study Seminar. That is an academically intensive day and will not allow sufficient time for appointments that day. Additionally, short corridor discussions on that day are discouraged since they always require follow-up action.

However, the Chair/Director of the BBA program, given the time constraints of that day, will make his/her best possible effort to meet with you. Please keep in mind, however, that many students in the BBA program with divergent needs will be on campus.

Students not following the proper protocol of discussing matters with the Dean of the College of Business and, as necessary, the Academic Vice President, will be deemed as not abiding by the guidelines of their academic program at Faulkner University. Students contacting any other external (outside of Faulkner University) person, agency, or institution will also be deemed to be in noncompliance with the guidelines of their academic program at Faulkner University. Action taken may include, but not be limited to, withdrawal from the program, dismissal, probation, suspension, or any other action as deemed necessary by the administration of Faulkner University.

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