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Comprehensive Examination

On the last day of class, a written comprehensive examination will be administered. Satisfactory completion of all related coursework will be required prior to sitting for the exam. The results of this exam shall be reported on a Pass or Fail basis only.

The examination shall be comprised of questions, cases, or problem situations which focus the student's energies on the progressive absorption features of the Executive BBA Program.

The examination is prepared by members of the Faulkner University College of Business full-time faculty. Answers to the questions or solutions to the problems are to be essay-type and are to be written and completed within the testing session.

The examination consists of 6 questions. The questions or problem situations are based on the concepts in the following courses of the BBA program:

BBA 3320 Directed Study in Management
BBA 3350 Directed Study in Marketing
BBA 4300 Quantitative Business Analysis
BBA 4310 Management of Information Systems
BBA 4340 Managerial Accounting
BBA 4390 Readings in Management

During Module 4 of the BBA Program, the students will receive a list of topics relating to the different courses from which the examination will be taken.

Full-time business faculty on the Montgomery campus will evaluate the examination and will assign either a "Pass" or "Fail" grade. A Pass grade is the equivalent of a numerical grade of 70 or higher on each of the six questions. A Pass grade will result in a student being certified to the BBA Academic Director as having successfully completed the comprehensive examination. A Fail grade is the equivalent to a numerical grade of 69 or below on any given section. A grade of Fail requires a retake of the examination. The Pass or Fail grade designation is not used in determining grade point averages.

A student who receives a grade of 69 or below will be allowed two retakes of the examination. The retake examination questions will come from the same list of topics used for the first comprehensive examination. All retake examinations will be administered on the Faulkner campus in Montgomery. Each retake of the examination costs the student a retake fee of $50.00 and this must be paid prior to taking the test. Students must register for each retake taken. A student who has repeatedly failed the comprehensive examination may apply in writing to the BBA Academic Director to be allowed to retake the examination a third time. A final decision regarding such will be made by the BBA Academic Review Committee. Also, any student who fails to attend the Comprehensive Exam when he/she is scheduled, without prior notification, will be charged a $50 fee for the rescheduling. All students are expected to take the Comprehensive Examination on the date identified on the BBA Calendar for their group.

A student who does not pass the retakes of the comprehensive examination must appeal in writing to the BBA Academic Director for re-admission to the program. If this petition is approved, the student must retake and successfully complete some or all of the BBA courses previously listed, as advised by the BBA Academic Review Committee. The student must then successfully complete the comprehensive examination, prior to graduation.

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