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Classroom Attendance

Regular class attendance is expected of all students and is essential for academic development. In most courses, class interaction and individual participation are such vital parts of the course objective that appreciable absence from class can subtract from the overall value of the course. An education, being more than the attainment of facts and skills, includes the development of attitudes, appreciations, and understandings that are experienced from the classroom.

The following policies and procedures are to be followed in regard to absences of students:

  1. Students are expected to attend class and are responsible for assignments and work missed because of absence, but an instructor is not obligated to permit a student to make up work.
  2. A student who misses two meetings of any class will receive an automatic "F" in the class unless prior permission is obtained from the BBA Academic Director and appropriate documentation is provided concerning personal illness, family illness, death of family member, work, etc. Regardless of the reason (personal illness, family illness, death of a family member, work, vacation, etc.), a student who misses three meetings of any class will receive an automatic "F" in the class.
  3. Leaving class early or multiple occasions of tardiness are unacceptable and will be treated as an absence at the discretion of the instructor after consultation with the BBA department. While the department recognizes occasional situations beyond the control of the student may arise, appropriate documentation will be required (as mentioned above in #2) in order to grant an excused absence. Students should recognize that Executive Programs by design are fast-paced and even one absence may be detrimental to the academic progress of the student. As such, the student should seriously consider the program schedule and calendar prior to admission in order to ascertain if the program meets the student's needs.
  4. Students who are absent the class meeting of the final examination must have prior approval from the BBA Academic Director and provide appropriate documentation before being allowed to retake the examination. The rescheduling of a final exam must be done through the BBA Academic Director.
  5. The handling of other absences and makeup work is at the discretion of individual instructors, but it must be consistent with the program's class attendance policy mentioned in the syllabus distributed at the beginning of the module. Assignments submitted late or exams taken late may result in points being deducted from the late assignments or exam.
  6. Instructors are required to keep an accurate record of class attendance and to notify the Program Chair/Director's office at the earliest moment an attendance problem becomes evident.
  7. Absence from the Directed Study Seminar will result in the assignment of an automatic "F" for the course.

Important Note: Both the University and the Instructor reserve the right to establish, alter, or suspend assigned seating arrangements for testing and/ or general lecturing conditions at any time for any reason throughout the program.

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