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Program of Study for the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies

Purpose of doctoral program

The purpose of the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies is to provide a quality program for the preparation of well-trained, morally oriented and ethically driven scholars in their chosen fields. Graduates will be able to pursue careers in teaching, research and diverse fields of ministerial occupations. The program is designed to provide its graduates with essential knowledge in the key areas of biblical studies with preparation for scholarly endeavors.

The goals of the program are as follows:

  1. To prepare graduates for entry-level teaching positions in public, private and governmental sectors, and for postdoctoral research.
  2. To provide general coursework in biblical studies and specific coursework in religious history, theology, biblical backgrounds, archaeology, biblical and related languages, and biblical interpretation.
  3. To provide graduates with specific and general knowledge and a range of skills in the key areas of reading, writing, speaking, researching and analyzing whichleadto excellence in various careers.

Learning objectives

Graduates of the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies should achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. Demonstrate a high level of competency with written and oral skills
  2. Attain a general knowledge of the curricular core texts and ideas
  3. Think critically, creatively and analytically
  4. Understand the relationship of Christian thought to the history of scholarship in biblical studies

Curriculum for the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies

Internet and computer requirements for live Web collaboration

A student must have a broadband or high-speed Internet connection. Cable Modem, DSL or ADSL, or satellite is acceptable. Dial-up connections will not permit the data exchange. If a student does not have high-speed Internet, arrangements must be made to order this service from a local provider. The minimum rates required are 128 KB upload speed and 256 KB download. Note: Some services are labeled "DSL" when in fact they are dial-up connections with varying compression rates and cache servers located at central server locations, which may give the sense of faster speed. If the rates at which data is transmitted and received are not 128 KB up and 256 KB down, it is not a broadband connection or "DSL."

Students must have a computer with an operating system and Internet browser that are compatible with the live Web collaboration system the university uses. Most modern computers, both PC and Apple, should meet the requirements. To ensure that your computer is compatible, please view the requirements at the following link:http://www.faulkner.edu/iAdvantage/Blackboard/.

Course instruction format

The Ph.D. in Biblical Studies will use a split uni-meet (one full week) format - three full days of course collaborative sessions at the beginning of the semester and two full days of course collaborative sessions near the end of the semester.

  1. This split-course format will facilitate students who have limited time to live on campus.
  2. This course format will permit ministers, teachers and other professionals to engage in live Web collaboration and instruction.
  3. This course format will assist students in maintaining study time, work obligations and family responsibilities.

Web instruction will be complemented with a live Web learning structure that will employ the following processes:

  1. All live class sessions will be videoed and archived and made available through Web-based technologies so the student can review all class lectures and collaborative sessions.
  2. The instructor will make available via Web-based technologies class lectures, notes and material that will assist the student.
  3. Through Web-based technologies the student will be able to send research papers, book reviews and other reports to the instructor.
  4. Tests and open-book discussion questions can be completed online.
  5. Communications between students and the instructor will not be limited to class sessions.
  6. The student and instructor will be able to communicate at will through Web-based technologies, discussion board, email, online chat and Internet conferencing systems during the semester.
  7. Courses taught by this learning process will have the live Web-conferencing feature. This means the faculty member and students, regardless of the state in which they reside, will simultaneously participate in live voice-to-voice class discussions and Web collaboration.

Qualifications and procedures for the Comprehensive Examination

The following qualifications and procedures have been established for the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies:

  1. To qualify for the Comprehensive Examination, a student must have completed 42 hours of course requirements that include the foundational course, seven core courses, four textual seminars in the major field, and two textual seminars in the non-major field.
  2. The student must register for the course BI 9046 Comprehensive Examination for Doctor of Philosophy.
  3. The Comprehensive Examination will be administered over a two-day period and will consist of both written and oral examinations.
  4. The Comprehensive Examination will consist of questions submitted by the doctoral faculty.
  5. Student responses to the Comprehensive Examination will be evaluated by the student’s respective professors in each course.
  6. The Comprehensive Examination evaluation outcomes will be on a pass or fail basis.
  7. A student who fails the exam must retake the entire exam.
  8. Students may retake the exam as early as the following semester.
  9. Students who fail the exam the second time may not retake the exam without approval of the director of graduate studies.
  10. A petition for a third opportunity to take the exam must be submitted to the director of graduate studies who will chair the faculty committee to consider the petition. A petition will be granted only in very unusual circumstances.


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