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Admissions requirements for Ph.D. in Biblical Studies

The Kearley Graduate School of Theology seeks to admit doctoral candidates who have demonstrated through their academic performance aptitudes to complete graduate work at the highest level. A student must be of good character and of good standing within the community and local church.

An applicant’s graduate program should represent a broad-based curriculum in Old Testament and/or New Testament, biblical language and foreign language. If a review of transcripts of a student’s graduate work reveals deficiencies, the graduate committee may recommend leveling work in the following areas before granting acceptance into the Ph.D. program:

  • Hebrew / Aramaic / Greek grammar and reading

  • General biblical studies

  • Theological studies

  • Historical studies

  • Textual studies

Application Requirements

Applications cannot be processed until all required materials are received. As soon as they have been received, the applicant will be notified that the file is complete. The applicant should assume that the application is incomplete until such notification is given. Once admission is granted, it will be valid only if the applicant enrolls during the term indicated on the application. All application materials become the property of Faulkner University; none will be returned to the applicant. All applicants will be viewed and evaluated by the director of graduate studies and a select admission committee.

For admission to the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, an applicant must complete this list:

  1. Hold a completed graduate degree in the field of biblical studies from a regionally accredited institution.
  2. Submit an official transcript from each college or university attended to the director of graduate studies.
  3. Send official transcripts directly from all the schools attended to the office of Graduate Enrollment. Hand-delivered copies, photocopies and printouts of grade reports are not acceptable.
  4. Hold a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. If the student does not meet this requirement, the student may request conditional admission.
  5. Submit an acceptable graduate test score: a combined verbal and quantitative score of 1,000 or above on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or a score of 400 or greater on the Miller Analogy Test (MAT).
  6. Score 500 on TOEFL (required of all students for whom English is a second language).
  7. Submit three letters of recommendation with specific comments regarding the applicant’s academic work, any professional experience, and ability to complete successfully graduate study. These letters are usually from the applicant’s previous faculty members or supervisory personnel.
  8. Submit a statement of approximately 1,500 words specifying personal goals and stating ways in which the Ph.D. degree from the Kearley Graduate School of Theology will contribute to those goals.
  9. Include a $45 nonrefundable application fee along with a completed application form and other required materials listed above.
  10. Submit a sample of a post-graduate research paper or thesis in biblical studies.
  11. Participate in an interview with the dean, director of graduate studies and the graduate committee.
  12. Receive approval by the director of graduate studies.

Conditional and provisional admission

The director of graduate studies, with confirmation from the dean, may admit a student under the category of "conditional admission" in rare and unusual cases. Occasionally an applicant has acted in a timely manner, but all materials have not been received. That student may be admitted with the provision that all materials will be received within two months of the beginning of the semester.

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