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BI 5300 Introduction to Graduate Biblical Studies Systematic examination of major bibliographical and reference sources in the area of religious literature needed for effective research and writing. Includes instruction in basic biblical and theological research methods and the writing of graduate level research papers. Must be completed within the first 12 hours of the program.

BI 5301 Biblical Interpretation A study of the basis, history, methods and art of biblical interpretation. Attention is given to grammatico-historical exegesis, biblical criticism, interpretation of narrative, recent hermeneutical trends and twenty-first century application.

BI 5305 Advanced Introduction to the Old Testament A general introduction to the Old Testament and a special introduction to each section and each book. Special attention is given to revelation, inspiration, canonicity, manuscripts and versions. Attention is given to authorship, date, background, interpretations and critical problems of each book.

BI 5306 Old Testament Theology A systematic study of the major doctrinal themes of the Old Testament.

BI 5307 Readings in the Hebrew Old Testament Selected readings in the Hebrew Old Testament with special attention to syntax and vocabulary building.

BI 5308 Exegesis of the Hebrew Bible The interpretation of selected passages from the Hebrew Bible with specific attention to methods and tools for Hebrew language exegesis. Prerequisite: BI 5307 or permission of instructor.

BI 5309 Seminar in Old Testament Text Research and discussion on a selected Old Testament book(s) or type(s) of Old Testament literature.

BI 5310 Seminar in Old Testament Text Like BI 5309, but with the choice of different Old Testament selections. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

BI 5311 Guided Research in the Old Testament Reading, research, reports and discussion of some aspect or aspects of Old Testament study. Prerequisites: BI 5300, 5308, 5309 or 5310 and consent of instructor.

BI 5312 Studies in the Intertestamental Literature An exegetical and theological examination of the books of the Old Testament Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha and their relation to the Old Testament canon.

BI 5313 Readings in Ancient Near Eastern Literature Readings in the literature from Egypt, Canaan and Mesopotamia, with special emphasis upon texts relating to the history, literature and thought of ancient Israel.

5314 Biblical Aramaic A study of elementary Biblical Aramaic with special attention to the grammar, syntax and vocabulary building. Introduction to the syntax of the language followed by reading the Aramaic portions of the Hebrew Bible. Prerequisites: BI 5307 or permission from the instructor.

BI 5320 Advanced Introduction to the New Testament A study of the canonicity, authorship, date, purpose and setting of the books of the New Testament. Critical problems are addressed.

BI 5321 New Testament Theology An in-depth thematic study of major doctrinal themes in the New Testament.

BI 5322 Readings in the Greek New Testament Selected readings from the Greek New Testament with emphasis on vocabulary, grammar and syntax.

BI 5323 Exegesis of the Greek New Testament The interpretation of difficult passages of the New Testament with an emphasis on history, methods and tools of New Testament exegesis. Prerequisites: BI 5322.

BI 5324 Seminar in New Testament Text Research and discussion on a selected New Testament book(s) or type(s) of New Testament literature.

BI 5325 Seminar in New Testament Text Like BI 5324, but with the choice of different New Testament selections. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

BI 5326 The New Testament World A study of the social, political and religious facets of the Jewish and Graeco-Roman world which affected the life and thought of the early church.

BI 5327 Guided Research in the New Testament Guided research leading to the writing of a significant research paper in New Testament with applications made to ministry. Prerequisites: BI 5300, 5322, 5323 and consent of instructor.

BI 5350 Biblical Foundations for Ministry A study of the biblical bases for ministry in the local church. Attention is given to the minister's spiritual preparation and to the biblical principles that ground and shape worship, evangelism, counseling, etc.

BI 5351 Church Leadership Principles of effective organization, administration and leadership as they apply to the life of the church with emphasis on the development of effective spiritual leaders.

BI 5352 Expository Preaching A study of Biblical preaching that enables the local congregation to develop a solid biblical identity. Issues of interpretation that lead to responsible homiletical practice are explored and exercises and paradigms are provided for preaching from a variety of biblical texts.

BI 5353 Supervised Practice of Ministry Supervised ministry experience within the local church that provides practical experience and application of new insights gained through classroom and library research in ministry.

BI 5354 Evangelism A study of principles that will equip the minister both to do evangelism in the local community and to motivate and organize the local congregation to carry on such a program.

BI 5355 The Educational Program of the Church A comprehensive study of biblical instruction in the local church, with special attention to designing and maintaining educational programs.

BI 5360 Evangelism and Church Planting A study of missiological strategies related to evangelism principles and church planting models for both domestic and cross-cultural missions. This course will survey theories, principles and practical aspects in developing mission strategies for mission preparation and effectiveness of the missionary and the sending church.

BI 5361 Missionary Anthropology A study of the similarities and diversities of human cultures designed to equip missionaries to communicate cross-culturally. Insights to increase effectiveness in communication of the gospel, in enculturation and in developing strategies for global church growth.

BI 5362 Theology of Mission Theology of Mission is an in-depth study of the theological basis for missions. It will survey missiological topics related to biblical theology in developing missiological thinking and strategies.

BI 5363 Missions Practicum Practical, supervised experience in missionary work with pre-field approval of a written proposal of purposes, methods and goals for a domestic or foreign mission experience.

BI 5364 Urban Missions This course is a study of the nature and methods of the Christian mission in urban contexts. It integrates missions' development and strategies within the diverse socio-cultural context of urban society with insights from urban anthropology, sociology and missiology to prepare people for evangelism and social action.

BI 5365 Worldviews and Contextualization This course is an in depth study of the concepts of worldview and contextualization, their historical development, cultural significance and their implications for the effective communication of the gospel message within various cultural contexts. The course will discuss underlying presuppositions, categories of logic of culture, differing worldviews and a biblical worldview.

BI 5370 The Gospel and Islam An advanced study of Islam and the application of missiological principles in the formulation of the gospel message to the Muslims, including a history of Christian missions to Muslims and the current status of Muslim evangelization.

BI 5367 World Religions This course will provide an historical survey of the origin and development of major world religions, highlighting their worldview, beliefs and practices with an emphasis on their comparison with Christian beliefs and practices.

BI 5380 Family Strengths - Theoretical Foundations Exploration of the work of family researchers whose focus has been on how families succeed rather than why they fail. Included is the research of DeFrain, Gottman, McAdoo, Olson, Otto, Peters and Stinnett.

BI 5381 Individual Development and Family Relations Analysis of the process of change in couples and families as they move through various stages of life. Special emphasis is given to stages of development, positions in the family and family developmental tasks.

BI 5382 Family Research Methods A basic understanding of and appreciation for the research methods used by family scientists. Students will be equipped to conduct family research and to intelligently and critically read professional family literature.

BI 5383 Youth and Family Ministry Practicum Directed work experience that enables the student to integrate and apply learning gained from previous coursework. Working in a church setting will help the student learn to work cooperatively with a professional stall and members of a congregation.

BI 5384 Family Dynamics Evaluation of current research in the study of relationships in families. Students will define and critique issues that families face and investigate how healthy families make decisions and solve problems.

BI 5699 Thesis (6 hours) A significant research project resulting in the writing of a thesis with the guidance of an advisor and a thesis committee on a creative topic in the student's major track. Includes an oral examination over the thesis topic administered by the thesis committee. See Academic Policies for details.

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