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Faulkner University | College of Biblical Studies

The Bible is the heart of the curriculum at Faulkner University, accepted and taught as the inspired, authoritative and all-sufficient word of God. Training for dedicated Christian service is emphasized in and out of the classroom.

The College of Biblical Studies exists to serve all students of the university. Every student must take a Bible course within every fifteen hours enrolled.

The College of Biblical Studies also offers degree tracks designed for those who plan to devote themselves to full time service in the church.


The College of Biblical Studies curriculum is divided into four fields of study: textual, doctrinal, historical, and practical. The balance between the fields in the degree requirements is designed to provide a well-rounded and functional undergraduate education in biblical studies.

Additionally, the Kearley Graduate School of Theology offers advanced degrees designed for those who desire to broaden their academic training in biblical studies or to enhance their skills in Christian ministry.


    • Missions Track
    • Congregational Ministry Track
    • Youth and Family Ministry Track


    • Old Testament Track
    • New Testament Track
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