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Chemistry Upper Level Course Descriptions

You may request copies of syllabi for specific courses by email at aschlundt@faulkner.edu.

3301 Principles of Physical Chemistry

An introduction to the essentials of physical chemistry that does not require extensive mathematics.  General topics of thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, states of matter, equilibria, kinetics, electrochemistry, and spectroscopy are covered. Prerequisites: MH 1451, CHM 1312/1112. Helpful: PHY 1312/1112. Lab required. (Offered fall semester; odd years)

3101 Principles of Physical Chemistry Lab

Lab complementary to CHM 3301. Taken concurrently or with consent of instructor. Prerequisites: see CHM 3301. (Offered fall semester; odd years)

3349 Organic Chemistry I

Topics of basic theory, structure, and reactions of hydrocarbons; alkyl halides; stereochemistry; alkenes; alkynes; alcohols; IR & NMR spectroscopy; and mass spectrometry are covered in this section. Prerequisites: CHM 1312/1112. Lab required. (Offered every fall semester).

3149 Organic Chemistry I Lab

Lab complementary to CHM 3349. Taken concurrently or with consent of instructor. Prerequisites: see CHM 3349. (Offered every fall semester).

3350 Organic Chemistry II

(Continuation of CHM 3449). Topics covered include ethers; alkynes; UV spectroscopy; aromatic compounds; ketones and aldehydes; amines; carboxylic acids; and biomolecules.  Prerequisites: CHM 3449/3149. Lab required. (Offered every spring semester).

3150 Organic Chemistry II Lab

Lab complementary to CHM 3350. Taken concurrently or with consent of instructor. Prerequisites: see CHM 3350. (Offered every spring semester).

4349 Foundations of Biochemistry

The molecular nature of cellular components, bioenergetics and metabolic pathways, and the workings of the genetic code are covered. Prerequisites: CHM 3350/3150. (Offered fall semester; odd years).

4301 Inorganic Chemistry

A general course in inorganic chemistry that surveys fundamental topics of atomic structure, chemical bonding, periodic relationships, acid - base theories, and the main group and transition elements. Prerequisites: CHM 1312/1112, 3301/3101 (or consent of the instructor), and MH 1451. Lab required. (Offered spring semester; even years).

4101 Inorganic Chemistry Lab

Lab complementary to CHM 4301. Taken concurrently or with consent of instructor. Prerequisites: see CHM 4301. (Offered spring semester; even years).

3099 Individual Study

The course may involve a systematic reading program, library research, laboratory project, studio work, field study or creative expression. Conferences or tutoring as required, but no formal lectures or recitations. Quizzes, tests, and examinations as may be appropriate.  CHM 3099 is open to juniors and seniors. May be repeated for credit.  The number of hours awarded (1-3) will be set by department head and approved by the dean.

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