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Biology Graduate Level Course Descriptions

These classes meet the content requirements for the Masters in Education (Alt A certification in Biology).

You may request copies of syllabi for specific courses by email at aschlundt@faulkner.edu.

BIO 6300 Human Nutrition

A graduate course that provides a broad survey of the role of nutrients (e.g. minerals and vitamins), in maintaining normal metabolic processes in humans. The course provides the basic materials needed to understand importance of nutrition in preventing and treating human diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.

BIO 6351 Advanced Genetics

The course focuses on advanced genetics concepts; genetic transmission; molecular structure of DNA; genetic markers and their application; molecular aspects of DNA replication and recombination; chromosome mapping; mechanisms of mutation and DNA repair; genetic engineering; population genetics; quantitative genetics.

BIO 6362 Ecological Theory

An in depth study of ecological principles is presented using a broad environmental science and problem solving approach.

BIO 6380 History and Philosophy of Biological Research

The development of the Biological Sciences is addressed broadly in the context of the history of mankind. The changing roles of the Judeo-Christian cultures have had in the advancement of biotechnology are included in the course discussion.

BIO 6190 Directed Study

This course is designed for students to engage in a systematic examination of topics that are not offered elsewhere across the University. Under directed study, the student and qualified instructor work collaboratively.

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