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Mrs. Jennifer Henman is the Legal Studies Community Relations and Student Services Coordinator. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice (May 2007) and master’s degree in Justice Administration (December 2008) from Faulkner University. Jennifer has worked as an officer with the Transportation Security Administration since 2010.

Jennifer enjoys being back on campus at her alma mater; having former instructors as colleagues; and getting to know and help many students along the way. Jennifer is a native of Gainesville, Georgia. She has one daughter with her husband, Chad.

Technology Labs Offered


Subject: Synopsis: Offered:
Publisher; Powerpoint A review of basic slide presentations and how to create slides, change master slides, editing, and presenting slide presentations; an overview of exhibit presentations for court and other hearings. Probate/Wills/Estates/Trust - Every Fall, Every Summer
Excel A review of spreadsheet set-up; headers/footers, calculations; copying and pasting; importing/exporting with Word. Property Law - Every Spring- odd year
Adobe A review of how to create and use form files, borders, editing tools, call-out and comments, send for review and incorporating changes into original document. Family Law - Every Spring - odd year
Computer Based Legal Research; Electronic Filing; A review of commonly used public search engines and government websites. A review of electronic filing including Alacourt, Alafile and Pacer. Computer Legal Research - Every Fall
Every Summer
Law Office Management; Trial Notebook An overview of setting up a new law practice and tips for day-to-day operations; a review of the basics for setting up depositions, settlement and trial notebooks. Law Office Management - Every Spring
Every Summer
Trial Director; Case Map An overview of exhibit presentations for court and other hearings. An overview of CaseMap, TimeMap, and TextMap - products designed for case management. A review of creating summaries, importing depositions, running searching, and creating timelines Criminal Law and Procedure - Every Spring
Microsoft Word A review of basic commands - opening, saving and page and font setup; folder organization; numbering; headers/footers; outlines; tables; merge and sort. Intro to Paralegalism - II
Every Spring
Every Fall
Outlook A review of the basics of email; calendar; attachments. Intro to Paralegalism - I
Every Fall
Every Spring

Technology labs are available for legal professionals within the community.

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