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Translators Needed

If you can read Greek or Latin, and you believe that the Faulkner Patristics Project is a worthy endeavor, please consider helping translate. Even if you are in your first year of language study, your participation could greatly assist this project. To participate, please contact the Project coordinator.

Independent scholars, professors, teachers, and students are all welcome. Translating a selection from the Patrologia could provide an ideal class project, senior thesis, or even a graduate-level thesis for students. Teachers, please especially consider giving your classes portions of the Patrologia to translate and submit to the Project.

Participating in this Project should yield several benefits, such as:

  1. You will sharpen your knowledge of Greek or Latin by translating primary source documents.
  2. Because the majority of these texts have never been translated into English, you can participate in and receive credit for important original scholarship. This experience can strengthen your academic credentials if you continue in higher education.
  3. Your work may eventually be read and cited by hundreds or thousands of students of the Church Fathers.
  4. You will encounter some of the great minds of church history and be challenged and uplifted by their ideas.
  5. You will be instrumental in bringing these ideas to an audience that has never had access to them before. Thus, you will be contributing to the education of the modern church.

Please consider contributing your time and skill to this worthy effort. Contact the Project coordinator for more information.

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