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The following course schedule is for Fall 2010: August 18 - December 9. Please observe the due dates for your major assignments. We may adjust readings or materials as we go along, so keep checking back for the most current content.

Table 4: ENGL 3315 Course Schedule



Reading and Assignments

W: 8/16

Introducing tech comm: Audiences, purposes, contexts, content, ethics, & design

Introduce yourself Where are you from? What's your major? What do you plan to gain from this class?
What is Tech Comm?

M: 8/23

Communicating with employers: Audience, purpose context in job searches
Resumé conventions

Have read Johnson, ch. 2 (pp. 16-37), Bring 2 job ads in your field to class
Resumé Advice
Resumé Handout

W: 8/25

Cover Letter Conventions

Have read Johnson, ch. 15 (pp. 374-408) Start reading Johnson, ch. 17 (pp. 450-486)
Cover Letter Advice 1
Cover Letter Advice 2

M: 8/30

Resumé and cover letter Workshop

Bring résumé and cover letter rough drafts to class


W: 9/1

Corresponding professionally: Letters, memoranda, & emails

Have read Johnson, ch. 17 (pp. 450-486)
Resumé and cover letter due


M: 9/6

Labor Day - No Class

Have read Johnson, ch. 18 (pp. 487-514)

W: 9/8

Communicating within cultures: Analyzing readers and contexts

Have read Johnson, ch. 18 (pp. 487-514)

M: 9/13

Analyzing Audience: High and Low Context as Heuristics

Situation Frame

W: 9/15

Approaches to intercultural communication: Plain language and culture research

Have read Johnson, ch. 9 (pp. 205-230)

M: 9/20

Correspondence Workshop

Bring two correspondence item rough drafts to class

W: 9/22

Ethics in Technical Writing

Two correspondence items due
Have read Johnson, ch. 5 (pp. 91-116)
Cruel Pies

M: 9/27

Defining, describing, and instructing

Have read Johnson, ch. 19 (pp. 515-549)

W: 9/29

Technical Instructions

Have read Johnson, ch. 20 (pp. 550-589)


M: 10/4

Analyzing Audience: Technical Expertise as Heuristics

Technical Frame

W: 10/6

Technical Instructions Usability Exercises

Have read Johnson, ch. 10 (pp. 231-273)

M: 10/11

Technical Instructions Workshop

Bring rough drafts of Technical Instructions and Audience Profile

W: 10/13

NFP Speaker

Technical Instructions due
Form proposal groups

M: 10/18

Proposing to decision-makers

Have read Johnson, ch. 21 (pp. 590-633)

W: 10/20

Do's and Dont's of Proposal Writing

Van Zant

M: 10/ 25

RFP and finding funding sources
The research process

Have Read Johnson, ch. 7 (pp. 140-173)

W: 10/27

Analyzing the Context: Identifying Situations and Benefits

Have read Johnson, ch. 6 (pp. 118-139)


M: 11/1

Green Team Review Workshop

Bring all proposal materials to class

W: 11/3

Green Team Review 1

Bring S1 and S2 to class

M: 11/10

Green Team Review 2

Bring S1 and S2 to class

W: 11/12

Proposal Workshop

Bring Rough Draft of Proposal to class

M: 11/17

Presenting proposed actions Turning a report into a presentation: Outlines, visuals, aids, and public speaking Have read Johnson, Ch. 16 (pp. 409 - 448)
W: 11/19 Presentation Workshop Formal written proposal due PowerPoint Guru 1
PowerPoint Guru 2
M: 11/22 Thanksgiving Break
W: 11/24 Thanksgiving Break
W: 1/1 Portfolio Workshop Portfolios due at the end of class.
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