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There's always a clue, if you just seek it!

Writing is ALWAYS informed by a purpose - as Cicero said, to delight, teach or move - that is, to entertain (comic monologue), explain or educate (a dummy's book), or persuade to action or belief (a sermon, an ad).

YOU have a voice - texts change the world, writing and power - author/ authority. Shelley said that poets are the "unacknowledged legislators of the world."

Welcome to the Help Desk page

The links provided below are good tools to look into when writing papers, essays, and any other composition. Please click any of the titles below to take you to a resource that addresses the problems or questions you may have.

Writing Problem Solving Essays
In writing assignments which focus on issues, policies, or phenomena, we are often asked to propose possible solutions for identifiable problems. This type of essay requires evaluation on two levels. First of all, it demands that we use evaluation in order to determine that there is a legitimate problem. And secondly, it demands that we take more than one policy or solution into consideration to determine which will be the most feasible, viable, or effective one, given that problem.

The Rhetorical Triangle
Understanding Aristotle's rhetorical triangle and it's application today will aid students in become better readers, thinkers and writers.

Understanding Rhetorical Situation
Bitzer, Vatz, and Consigny present three different conceptions of the rhetorical situation. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these conceptions will help improve you ability to read situations and write effectively to audiences.

Plagiarism--How to Avoid It
The standards of academic integrity apply to information that is presented orally, in writing, or via the computer, in any format ranging from the most informal comment to a computer program or a formal research paper. These standards apply to source material gathered from other people, from written texts, from computer programs, from the internet, or from any other location.

University Writing Center
Purdue University Online Writing Center provides help with the writing process, grammar issues, information on specific writing assignments, plagiarism issues, information on summarizing and paraphrasing, and APA and MLA documentation guides.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Use pull-down menus to see possible topics regarding grammatical, sentence structure and writing problems.

Writing in the Disciplines
Information from professors via articles, essays and interviews regarding writing in different disciplines.

Wikipedia Found Discourages Academic Use of His Creation
Article on views regarding Wikipedia and academic writing.


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