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EH 1302.88 -- ONLINE COMP II

Welcome to EH 1302, Composition 2--Reading,Writing and Critical Thinking. This course is designed to prepare you to write in all of your college courses. The class emphasizes the production of significant, clear, and persuasive prose. Your work will be devoted to writing workshops of various kinds, notes on writing issues, and attention to the assigned readings.

EH 1302 is designed as the second course in a sequence of freshman writing courses. Its' purpose is to prepare you to become a critical reader and writer who can function successfully in a variety of writing, as well as personal situations. The course is designed to help develop your ability to read and critique, both orally and in written form, a variety of arguments, including those found in advertisements, classical arguments, and current events. The course is also responsible for teaching the proper way to use a variety of research tools and the MLA style manual.

During the course of the semester, you will write five major papers (five essays and one research paper), as well as several shorter assignments to help you lead up to the major assignments. Emphasis is on argumentation; that is, how to construct a compelling argument on a given topic. The class will address the use of evidence, essay structure, counter-argument, rhetoric, and related topics to assist in the development of your arguments.

Now, a few nuts and bolts:.

  • University policy mandates that if a student is absent for more than 25% of the total class meetings, regardless of the reason for the absences, he/she receives an automatic "F" in the course for the semester. Since this class does not meet in a traditional manner, we will count anyone absent if he/she fails to contact me during the week. Contact can include emailing your journal or assignment.

  • Each paper must be typed, double-spaced on a word processor. Please save all of your work to a disk or your PERSONAL hard drive. Your essays will be returned via email to you throughout the semester. In the upper left-hand corner put your name, assignment number, date, and course. REMEMBER--Every piece of writing should have a title.

  • The major writing assignments will typically range in length from 3 to 6 pages.

  • I do not assign extra credit work.

Please review the plagiarism policy. Any form of scholastic dishonesty constitutes sufficient grounds for an F in the course.
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