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Aug 17 Introduction - Defining Rhetorical Theory
The Origins and Early History of Rhetoric
Sophistic Rhetoric
Chs. 1 & 2  
Aug 24 Plato versus the Sophists
Plato's Gorgias and Phaedrus
Ch. 3  
Aug 31 Aristotle on Rhetoric
Aristotelian definition of Rhetoric
Aristotelian Proofs and Arguments
Matters of Style
Ch. 4  
Sept. 7 Report 1 due
Exam 1
  Report 1 due
Exam 1
Sept. 14 Roman Society and the place of Rhetorical Theory and Cicero
Quintilian and Rhetoric in the Later Roman Empire
Ch. 5  
Sept 21 Rhetoric and the Seven Liberal Arts
Rhetoric in the Early Middle Ages
Rhetoric in Christian Europe
St. Augustine
Ch. 6  
Sept 28 The New Rhetorical Arts of the Middle Ages
Rhetoric in the Renaissance
Humanism, Rhetoric and Classical Texts
Ch. 7  
Oct 5 Enlightenment Rhetoric-Vico
British Rhetoric
Elocutionary and Belletristic Movements
 Ch. 8  
Oct 12 Report #2 due
Exam #2

 Oral reports on Monday

Exam on Wednesday

Report 2 due
Exam 2
Oct 19 Campbell and Whatley
Development of Speech Communication
See handouts  
Oct 26 Argumentation and Rational Discourse
Chaim Perlman and the Centrality of Audience Stephen Toulmin and the Uses of Argument
 Ch. 9  
Nov 2 Jurgen Habermas and the Conditions of Rational Discourse
Exam #3
 Ch. 10 --pp. 238-243  
Nov 9 Rhetoric in Social Context
Kenneth Burke and Rhetoric as Symbolic Action
Rhetoric and Misunderstanding - I.A. Richards
Rhetoric as Situational-Bitzer
Rhetorical Constructs - Michael Mc Gee and the Ideograph
 Ch. 10 pp. 224-237  
Nov 16 Rhetorical Constructs - Booth, Bormann, Fisher
Rhetoric and the Preservation of Culture - Richard Weaver
Mediated Rhetoric and Marshal McLuhan
 Ch. 10 --pp 237-238 and handouts  
Nov 30 Electronic Texts and the Future of Rhetoric
Group Reports
 Ch. 11  
Dec 7 Final Exams   See University Schedule
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