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Welcome to English Composition II!

Unlike eating, with learning the more you ingest, the hungrier you get, that is, the more you learn, the more you will crave to know.

Welcome to EH 1302, Composition 2--Reading,Writing and Critical Thinking. This course is designed to prepare you to write in all of your college courses. The class emphasizes the production of significant, clear, and persuasive prose. Class time will be devoted to writing workshops of various kinds, mini-lectures on writing issues, and attention to the assigned readings.

EH 1302 is designed as the second course in a sequence of freshman writing courses. Its purpose is to prepare you to become a critical reader and writer who can function successfully in a variety of writing, as well as personal situations. The course is designed to help develop your ability to read and critique, both orally and in written form, a variety of arguments, including those found in advertisements, classical arguments, and current events. The course is also responsible for teaching the proper way to use a variety of research tools and the MLA style manual.

This class will be a highly computer-intensive course. We will meet in the computer lab and use chat rooms, email, word processing, and internet search engines.

During the course of the semester, you will write five major papers (four essays and one research paper), as well as several shorter assignments to help you lead up to the major assignments. Emphasis is on argumentation; that is, how to construct a compelling argument on a given topic. The class will address the use of evidence, essay structure, counter-argument, rhetoric, and related topics to assist in the development of your arguments.

In-class work will be based on class discussion, so be prepared to type. There will also be sessions devoted to the mechanics of citations, peer critiques of students papers, and instructor critiques of various works.

I want you to know that I'm very excited about this class and hope you feel the same way. We are going to have a very busy semester, but together we can all make it!!!


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