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The links provided below are good tools to look into when writing papers, essays, and any other composition. Please click any of the titles below to take you to a resource that addresses the problems or questions you may have.

Essay Troubles (click on this heading in the menu)
Covers problems common to undergraduate essays. It is organized around six major categories, each of which isolates a distinct set of writing troubles. It moves from troubles with words and with parts of the sentence to troubles on the level of the entire sentence, and ultimately the paragraph. Thus, under its first four categories, Essay Troubles deals with problems in an ascending order of relevance to expository writing. The remaining two subsections Mechanics and Punctuation deal with the non-grammatical conventions and rules of writing.

Grammar Assistance
This guy will respond to grammar and usage inquiries (for free) and for a fee will proofread and edit.

Online Writing Center
Grammar, punctuation, composition writing--handouts provided.

Choosing and Writing for an Audience
A short, informative article about writing and audience awareness.

American Psychological Style Manual
This website has in-depth information concerning the APA organization, but more importantly has information concerning the use of the APA style for referencing works. Check out the APA Style Tips (located on the right of the website) for more information.

Noodle Tools
Formats automatically your bibliography in MLA or APA style (click on NoodleBib Express) under Free Tools.

Writer's Write
Everything you could possibly need for online research.

University of South Florida "Punctuation Made Simple"
University of South Florida "Punctuation Made Simple"

"Thinking Critically about Web Resources," "Why We Need to Evaluate What We Find on the Internet," and "Evaluating Web Resources"
Three articles about critical assessment of Web resources

Site of the Foundation for Critical Thinking and the Center for Critical Thinking
Information center defining and promoting critical thinking skills.


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