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World Literature Syllabus
Fall 2009

Since this class is being offered, technically, independent study, I will forgo most of the syllabus material that you usually see. I have attempted to assign readings that are pertinent to your travels during this international studies experience. I have provided a list of readings for you, a schedule and due dates for papers. Please provide a WEEKLY reading log of the material you are covering, discussing what the material was about. I have given you websites for all but the Biblical readings.

Please begin the course by reading an overview of Greek Literature found at http://history-world.org/greek_art.htm.

Course Summary: A survey of literary works of world cultures from approximately 600 BCE to 1700 AD. Cultural influences and thematic evolution through various historical periods are examined.

Course outcomes: Upon completion of this course students should be able to:

  1. Explore, interpret, analyze, and respond to major themes of world literature, diverse genres, and diverse perspectives.
  2. Recognize and understand the techniques of characterization, tone, mood, point of view, and imagery.
  3. Become aware of the difficulties inherent in translation.
  4. Develop multicultural awareness through reading, reflection, application, and writing.
  5. Gain further understanding of themselves and others, and critically examine their own beliefs and attitudes.
  6. Become familiar with a representative sample of classic texts from western literature.
  7. Develop the ability to comprehend difficult material and what your views are regarding the reading.


Reading Logs 20%
Essay #1 15%
Essay #2 15%
Essay #3 15%
Essay #4 20%
Final Exam 15%
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