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Welcome to Feature Writing!

Feature Writing is an advanced journalism course focused on writing non -- fiction, non -- opinion articles for informational media such as newspapers, magazines, newsletters, trade journals, and Internet sites.

Although the writing styles and story approaches that will be covered are somewhat more flexible, more creative, more subjective, and even more fun than traditional hard -- news writing, the course is essentially an advanced reporting course. It emphasizes writing that is primarily intended, in the words of the text, "to pass along facts and other information to others." Entertainment, literary value, and personal satisfaction may be considerations, but they're much less important than conveying factual information. Research, rather than imagination, and reporting, rather than a personal desire for self -- expression, are the underpinnings of feature writing and the mainstays of this course.

Procedurally, the course emphasizes writing in and out of class. Students should expect to write -- usually for several hours each week and often for part of the class session as well -- throughout the semester. They should also expect to read assigned chapters in the text book as well as reading and critiquing the work of other writers whether those writers are professionals whose work is published in current periodicals or classmates submitting assigned manuscripts. They are also expected to conceive and research story ideas and investigate publications which may be suitable markets for those stories.

The instructor will serve as an editor and writing coach, and class sessions will include writing exercises, lecture/discussions focused on styles, trends and opportunities in feature writing, field trips, and interactive critiques of student work.

Students entering the course should have a solid foundation in basic writing skills and in news writing gained from previous. They should also be thoroughly familiar with using Associated Press style, writing in class under deadline pressure, and using the computers and software available in the Faulkner University journalism lab. Students who are not proficient in AP style should NOT take this class, since the focus of the course is writing. AP mistakes will be penalized heavily.

This course is fun. We take many field trips and explore Montgomery as we look for topics on which to write. I look forward to working with you.



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