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EH 2303 Survey of American Literature I
English Department
Beverly Pace, Associate Professor

  1. Purpose of the Course:

    English 2303 is a survey of American authors from the Colonial period to the Civil War. Students will examine each writer's background and work toward understanding American philosophical, educational, and religious developments as they are reflected in literature.

  2. Objectives: Students will achieve the following goals:

    1. Knowledge in early American literature, including literature for youth and adolescents and by female and minority writers
    2. A familiarity with famous classical writings of American literature before the Civil War.
    3. Insight into literature of various types, including but not limited to the short story, novel, poetry, and the essay.

  3. Content Outline:

    Reading assignments will cover major periods of American literary history from the Colonial and Revolutionary War era to the Civil War. Representative authors will be selected from but not limited to those listed in the following outline.

    1. Colonial Period
      1. Bradford
      2. Winthrop
      3. Bradstreet
      4. Edwards
      5. Wolman

    2. The Eighteenth Century
      1. Franklin
      2. Paine
      3. Jefferson
      4. Freneau

    3. The Romantic Age: Early Nineteenth Century
      1. Irving
      2. Cooper
      3. Bryant

    4. The Humanitarian Sensibility
      1. Longfellow
      2. Whittier
      3. Holmes

    5. The Romantic Age: Mid-Nineteenth Century
      1. Emerson
      2. Thoreau
      3. Poe
      4. Hawthorne

  4. Requirements

    Regular class attendance and completion of all reading and writing assignments are expected. Four major exams, including a final exam, will be scheduled. You must take the final exam to pass the course.

  5. Evaluation

    The overall grade in the course will be determined as follows:

    Daily Grades..............10%
    Writing Assignments...10%
    A=90% +
    B=80% +
    C=70% +
    D=60% +
    F=below 60%

    A minimum score of 60% must be achieved to pass individual assignments and exams.

    Daily grades will come from class participation, group work, writing assignments and quizzes.

  6. Attendance

    Students are expected to attend all class meetings. Attendance at exams is required on the days scheduled. Students should not miss an exam except for an emergency. If a student misses an exam due to an excused absence, the exam must be taken as soon as possible (no longer than a week). Absences exceeding 25% of total class meetings will result in the student being assigned a failing grade for the course.

    If a student comes to class after the roll is called, it is the student's responsibility to speak to the instructor AFTER class to change the absence to a tardy.

    Tardiness and the use of cell phones are signs of disrespect. The instructor reserves the right to lower your final grade for habitually coming to class late. Please mute cell phones or refrain from bringing them to class.

  7. Expectations

    It is imperative that students keep up with all reading assignments. Students should come to class having read the assignment and prepared to discuss it in class. Participation in class discussion is not an option. Students should ask questions, make comments as well as make connections and/or comparisons relevant to the assigned reading. Taking good notes and listening to class discussion are essential tools for doing well on exams.

    It is important that students find a contact person(s) in class and exchange phone numbers and email addresses so that in the event of an absence (even an excused one) they can find out the assignment and be prepared when they come to class. Pop quizzes will be given from time to time to make sure assignments are being read.

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