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Welcome to the first of two freshman composition courses at Faulkner University. It is time to sharpen your writing skills to prepare you for college writing in general as well as prepare you for writing outside the classroom.

Reading clearly and thinking creatively will help you write effectively. We will work on all three areas as well as learning to polish the final product through careful editing. While we in the English department desire to build on your writing skills learned in high school, we also desire to elevate your writing to a higher standard of academic excellence.

Reading - Emphasis on awareness of the writer's purpose and supporting elements and the material's strengths and weaknesses.

Thinking - "The pen is the tongue of the mind." - Miguel de Cervantes. Emphasis on expanding critical and analytical thinking processes that contribute to effective writing.

Work - "If you have built castles in the air your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." - Henry David Thoreau. Foundation work can be hard, but there is no way around it. You must write. Write often. Write more. Rewrite. Write again.

Part of your work ethic will include improving your vocabulary and diction. Choosing the right word, putting that word in the right place and by all means spelling that word correctly can produce magical communication. Effective written communication is an exceptional tool to have to be successful in all areas of life. Writing is not trivial. It enhances our lives personally, professionally and spiritually.

Expectations - The writing process will include writing a rough draft for each essay assignment, participating in peer evaluation and revision before turning in a final draft.

A rough draft is due the class meeting before the final draft is due. Students who do not bring a completed rough draft to class will have a letter grade deducted from their final draft even if a rough draft is turned in with the final draft. Each final draft to be graded MUST be accompanied by a revised rough draft. No final draft will be graded without a rough draft.

All papers must be typed, double-spaced and follow MLA guidelines.

The final grade in the course will be determined as follows:

Daily Work and Class Participation20%
Final Exam10%

Students must pass the final exam to pass the class.

For further understanding of how your papers will be evaluated refer to the following link that explains what makes an A paper, a B paper, etc.


Class Policies

  1. Be prepared when you come to class. Bring writing materials, homework and textbook. When papers are due allow extra time for printer problems, etc. Papers are due at the beginning of class.

  2. Students are expected to be at class on time and silence cell phones. I reserve the right to lower students' grades for being habitually late. Students exceeding 25% of total class meetings will receive an "F" for the course.

  3. Remember that plagiarism is theft of property and will not be tolerated. Refer to your student handbook for university policy concerning plagiarism.

I look forward to working with you this semester,

Beverly Pace

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