Faulkner University

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Social Science
With an emphasis in Sociology

Core Curriculum64-70
Christian Literacy(18-24)
Lower Level Courses
Life of Christ (BI 1211/1311) 2/3
Book of Acts (BI 1214/13142/3
Pentateuch (BI 2202/2302) 2/3
Bible Elective - lower level2/3
Upper Level Courses
Marriage and Family (BI 3311) 3
Christian Cultural Heritage (BI 4311)3
Upper Division Bible Electives (two textual courses minimum) 4/6
Cultural Heritage Literacy(12)
Western Cultural Heritage (HU 1310, 1320, & 2310) 9
American Cultural Heritage (HY 2320) 3
Mathematical and Scientific Literacy(10)
Mathematics (MH 1338 or higher)3
Natural and Physical Science Requirements 7
Natural Science Requirement: one course from Biology
Physical Sci Requirement: a Physical Sci, Chemistry, or Physics course
Physical or Natural Science (One companion lab course required)
Information and Communication Literacy(15)
Composition and Literature
English Composition I & II (EH 1301 & 1302)6
English/American Literature (EH 2301, 2303, 2304) 3
Communication: Speech Communication (EH 1303) 3
Technology - one course from the following list 3
Computer Applications (CA 1302)
Introduction to Computer Science (CS 2305)
Information Research and Strategies (INF 1300)
Technology in the Classroom (ED 2325)
Computers in the Social Sciences (HY 2300)
Personal and Social Literacy(9)
Lifetime Fitness (PE 1300) 3
PE Activity (Two activity courses)2
Freshman Experience (FE 1111) 1
Social Science: Introduction to Psychology (PY 1310)3
Professional Literacy 63
Liberal Arts and Social Science Core(18)
Philosophy (HU 3303) 3
Non-Western Civilization (HY 3307)3
World Regional Geography (HY/HU 3360)3
Cultural Anthropology (AN 1301) 3
Introduction to Sociology (SY 2328) 3
Constitutional Government (HY 2308/PS 3308)3
Sociology Concentration Requirements(30)
Anthropology Theories (AN 3300)3
Marital and Family theory (COU 3312)3
Human Sexuality (COU 3313)3
Social Psychology (PY 3360) 3
Professional Ethics in Sociology (SY 4345) 3
History and Systems (PY 4340) 3
Sociological Theory (SY 3329) 3
Introduction to Social Work (SY 3330) 3
Social Welfare & Social Problems (SY 3331) 3
Interpersonal and Family Conflict and Violence (SY 3390) 3
Sociology Experiential(6)
Practicum and Field-based Experience in Sociology (SY 4350) 3
Internship and Pre-professional Seminar (SY 4390) 3
Liberal Arts Electives
Foreign Language Requirement* 6
Philosophy of History (HY 4313)3
Sociology Electives: Six hours of courses selected in consultation with advisor
Total Minimum Hours124-133
Note: 48 semester hours of upper level courses are required for graduation Note: Graduation requirements for the Social Science degree include successful completion of the Departmental Exit Exam in Sociology  Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree will complete the Liberal Arts requirements (9 hours) for the electives area and students pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree will complete the Sociology Electives (6 hours) for the electives area
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